15 Profitable Businesses with little investment

We present 15 legitimate profitable business with little investment, real business and you can easily undertake.

If you put your mind you can make big money if or when these simple ideas and faster than you imagine.

Many of the visitors to our site are developing successfully in various parts of the world, and we recommend it as highly interesting projects for their excellent performance, low investment and ease of starting.

An increasing number of people who want to start their own business is higher. As generally not enough money to begin large scale has, there is a great demand for profitable business ideas that can be started with little investment but can grow as time passes.

So this collection will be interesting and will help you decide which business is best to undertake.

Businesses is nigeria
Profitable business

15 easy to start profitable businesses.

So we made a list of the most profitable ideas published on our website and require less investment.

1 – Sell websites microentrepreneurs

Selling websites is a highly profitable business, remember that virtually your only costs are those corresponding to the time of creation of the site.

Would you like to enter this business but do not understand anything about programming or creating websites?

Do not worry, now there is a system that allows anyone even without the slightest knowledge of page creation, can learn in hours and start creating modern, professional and useful for business sites.

If you are motivated to create sites for big business, you can begin making for a completely neglected sector is the small businesses and microenterprises, they can not pay large sums of money to developers and designers.

There are millions of micro entrepreneurs who are just starting their own businesses with tight budgets can not afford the expensive services of webmasters and web designers, so it is necessary that there are people who are engaged in economic models offer websites for this sector.

You will not need any special knowledge to start. Look at what you can offer to the thousands of micro still have no website.

2) Business-stress massage and descontracturantes

This is a small and easy business to start offering exceptional profitability. You will realize that all you need is:

Knowledge of massages, to which you can access through short courses or careers.

A room in house intended for this work.

A stretcher for patients.

Such is the need for physical contact and massages that people have today that you attend each customer, to never leave you. Besides word of mouth promotion makes the business grow rapidly.

While this business requires a lot of your time, no risk no cost. Also as you progress, you can train people and manage your own spa !.

3) Sales of information products on the Internet

When we say infoproductos we refer to digital books, video courses, ebooks, etc. sold through Internet.

Who are undertaking in this sector earn excellent profits.

It requires much initial knowledge and hire digital marketing services, but over time the performance is excellent, as these products are reproduced indefinitely without costs.

4) vending machines

While this business requires a big investment, you can find a way to start with small vending devices more economical, as polishers Zaparos in hotels or small coffee vending companies.

You can get excellent profit margins on each unit sold and the cost of customer service staff avoided, making it a very profitable activity.

5) Sale of clothes cities in the country.

Large garment factories also big wholesalers are usually concentrated in large cities, as well as, through whom you can get very good prices, then resell in the countryside or in cities far from these centers.

Those who ride their clothing stores in these remote cities gain between 80% and 100% of earnings per garment.

6) Dropshiping

The mega stores electronics and gadgets from China and the United States have a spectacular and refined online sales system, through which anyone in the world can buy at low prices and receive the products at home or ask them shipped to other people elsewhere in the world.

Dropshipping those dedicated to offer the products of these mega stores through Facebook or blogs, the market price in their country. They charge the customer, purchased at the mega store, and request that the product is shipped to the customer’s home.

Profitability is excellent, Dropshipper costs are very low. One of these stores in China is Deal Extreme, even ships its products without shipping cost to anywhere in the world.

7) Android Application Development

While this activity requires knowledge of application development, it is not as complicated and worth the effort in purchasing.

The development of applications for Android devices is the boom time. Companies are desperate to have a very well paid and developers.

8) sale of solar water heaters

This technology is becoming more efficient and costs are more accessible to the end consumer. Currently much should add a solar water heater home to lower costs of gas and electricity.

Demand for this product is very high and competition is still very low, which makes the business very profitable.

9) LCD TV furniture

If you have little money to undertake this proposal is excellent. Among the strange things about the Internet, we find this idea profitable product.

He is currently the rage on the internet a very simple model of furniture for TV, it’s a pair of modules in the form of “L”, built in melamine. Surprisingly people love it for its simplicity, practicality and minimalist style.

It is very easy to build and every time someone publishes mercadolibre, Facebook or classifieds sites people desperate to buy.

In the video you’ll find on the following link you can check the interest in this product on the market: Making and selling modules “L” as tables for TV.

10) Manufacture of furniture melamine

It is an excellent small business, whose profitability is so interesting that lets grow rapidly. Many entrepreneurs have started building simple furniture at home and in no time have managed to move to their own premises.

Melamine plates are purchased, they are made to trim cut according to the measurements shown in the graphs and maps of each piece and then screw them at home. The margin can reach 100%. If you want to know this proposal enters this page that teaches how to assemble inexpensive furniture melamine.

11) Repair of mobile phones and tablets

The most profitable business is no charge for repair and repair, but buy at a good price mobile phones and tablets or damaged, broken glass, etc, repair and re-sell.

Excellent profitability is obtained.

12) Create a blog and monetize it with Adsense and affiliate systems

If you are passionate about a particular topic you can create a blog on that topic and write articles about it. Once your blog achieve awakening interest in the network and get enough visitors, you can ask that you pass a Google account on your Adsense advertising system.

Google currently does not accept any blog, it must meet certain requirements regarding quality. That is, you need to blog seriously, wordy, with quality content.

If you succeed, you will have a profitable business and to create a free blog (Blogger.com), at no cost, and Adsense not charge you a penny to include advertising on your pages, and you pay on time every month by sending money through a check or your bank account.

13) Sessions of yoga and relaxation techniques in your home

If you know enough yoga or relaxation techniques, you can offer this service in a quiet place in your home. With music and atmosphere chord, thousands of people seeking a place to relax and recuperate.

You have no extra cost, all profit, profitability is assured.

14) Local tattoo

It is certainly a very profitable activity, the prices are great and the costs are minimal. But to get customers you must inspire trust, quality, hygiene and safety.

15) Recycling of organic matter

If you managed to create a product whose raw material is composed of debris that others throw away and give away, and in many cases even pay to have them removed, you’d be creating a good profitable business.

Recycling has always been very lucrative, precisely because of this characteristic of free raw material. There are many millionaires in the world have emerged from recycling companies.

An example of what you can do is this liquid organic fertilizer, which is made only from organic waste from farms: liquid organic fertilizer.

There are many other profitable businesses with little investment, research can find more on our website.

Great profitable businesses

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